E.I.C., Ltd., Ecological and Industrial Consulting

Municipal waste-to-energy plant - Prague

EIC Activities
- Review and revision of existing service contracts.
- Permitting procedures.
- Supervision of erection and commissioning.
- Supervision of trial operation and guarantee tests.
- Official acceptance of plants.
- Feasibility Study for the reduction of NOx and PCDD/F emissions.
- Research into the installation of a turbine generator (cogeneration).
Technical parameters
Amount of waste: 310 000 t/year
Capacity: 3 x 15 t/h
Net calorific value: 6 - 12.5 MJ/kg
Availability: 6 000 h/year
Steam parameters: 13 bar/ 230°C
Energy production: 80 GJ/h, process line
Furnace: Roller grate
Flue gas cleaning: DENOX - SNCR, Electrostatic precipitator, wet scrubber, , DEDIOX ? activated carbon adsorption
No. of lines: 4