E.I.C., Ltd., Ecological and Industrial Consulting

Municipal waste-to-energy plant - Bern

EIC Activities
- Flue gas cleaning.
- Extraction of fly ash.
- Renovation of the existing furnace system.
- Renovation of the existing boiler.
- Heating boiler.
- Bid specifications, evaluation of offers, contracting (services contracts).
- Supervision of detail engineering, manufacturing, erection and commissioning.
- Supervision of trial operation and guarantee tests.
- Steam boiler with reduction station for central heat supply.
Technical parameters
Amount of waste: 144 000 t/year
Capacity: 2x9 t/h
Net calorific value: 6.7 - 14.2 MJ/kg
Availability: 8000 h/year
Steam parameters: 60 bar/430°C
Energy production: 3.7 MWel / 36 MW th
Furnace: Traveling grate
Flue gas cleaning: DENOX - SNCR, electrostatic precipitator, wet scrubbing
No. of lines: 2