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Waste-to-energy plant burning raw sludge - ARA Praha Troja

EIC Activities

Project study for a waste-to-energy plant burning raw sewage sludge with a capacity of 145 t DS/day.

Technical parameters
Amount of waste: 145 t DS/day
Capacity: 2x10 t/h (dehydrated raw sludge), 2x0,354 tun/h (screenings)
Net calorific value: 1.75 - 3.5 MJ/kg
Availability: 8760 h/year
Steam parameters: 40 bar/400°C
Energy production: 3 MW el
Furnace: Fluidized bed
Flue gas cleaning: SNCR - DENOX, electrostatic precipitator, wet scrubbing, DEDIOX catalytic fabric filter
No. of lines: 3 (2 operation + 1 cold reserve)