E.I.C., Ltd., Ecological and Industrial Consulting

Prof. Jaroslav Hyzik, M.Sc., Ph.D. - Brief curriculum vitae

J. Hyzik earned his teaching certificate (habilitation) in mechanical engineering at the Technical University in Liberec (Czech Republic) and has been a full professor at the University since 2004. He received the M.Sc. degree in mechanical engineering in the field of production machinery and the Ph.D. degree in the field of process engineering.
J. Hyzik lives in Switzerland where he founded EIC AG (Ecological and Industrial Consulting) in Baden in 1979. EIC AG is an independent engineering company specializing in environmental and industrial consulting. The major focus of the company’s activity is scientific and technical consulting as well as planning in the field of waste-to-energy applications.
Additional major themes of J. Hyzik’s activities are the international waste management - waste management concepts, process evaluation, the assessment of environmental impacts and the safety of process technology, as well as operational analyses that serve as the basis for the realization of cost reduction measures.
In 1993, J. Hyzik formed another engineering company in the Czech Republic, E.I.C., spol. s r.o., which has its registered office in Prague and does business in the same fields as the EIC AG in Switzerland. J. Hyzik has been the managing director since their formation.
Reference projects include waste-to-energy plants in Bazenheid, Bern, Gamsen, Liberec, Oftringen, Prague, RZR Herten, Winterthur, Zürich - Limmattal etc. See www.eiconsult.eu for additional information.
J. Hyzik’s scientific and practical knowledge are reflected in his publications and his university lectures.